3 Ways To Decrease Appetite

Appetite is a psychological as well as a physical phenomenon. Sometimes you eat when you’re bored, stressed, or just because it’s time to eat, even if you’re not very hungry. There are many weight loss programs and diet pills marketed as appetite suppressants, but it is possible to decrease your appetite naturally through diet and exercise.

contain the hunger

3 formas de disminuir el apetito

Fill up on fiber. Fiber is a complex indigestible carbohydrate that makes you feel full while consuming few calories. Fiber foods like oatmeal are great for diets because they not only help curb your appetite, but also provide sustained energy by regulating insulin and blood sugar release.

It is recommended that you eat 14 grams of fiber for every 1,000 calorie intake, or about 28 grams for a woman and 38 grams for a man.

If your goal is to lose weight, then include large amounts of vegetables, legumes and fruits that are high in fiber.

Eat oatmeal for breakfast and you’ll make it to lunch without snacking. Oatmeal digests slowly and will keep you full.

3 formas de disminuir el apetito

Drink coffee. Two cups of coffee in the morning will speed up your metabolism and curb your appetite.

Coffee beans are packed with caffeine and antioxidants that are easily absorbed by the body. The impact is estimated to start an hour after drinking a cup of coffee.

3 formas de disminuir el apetito

Eat dark chocolate. Chocolate lovers will rejoice. Eat chocolate bars that contain at least 70% cocoa, because it has enough bitterness to curb your appetite.

Cocoa contains stearic acid, which has been shown to slow down digestion and make you feel full for a longer period of time.

Mix dark chocolate with a cup of coffee for double the impact.

3 formas de disminuir el apetito

Add more protein and fat. Proteins need energy from calories to digest, which promotes hormones that suppress hunger. Consuming fat in moderation, while decreasing its thermic effect, can make you feel full on a diet.

Replace carbs with 15-30% lean protein to lose more weight and curb your appetite.

Casein protein, commonly found in protein powder supplements, is a slow-release protein and therefore decreases appetite.

Diets that are very low in fat have the opposite effect: they increase appetite. Fat is not bad for you in moderate doses and has many health benefits. It also makes your food taste better.

3 formas de disminuir el apetito

Experiment with carbohydrates. Sugars and starches are an important source of energy for your metabolism to work. Carbohydrates are made from nutrient-packed starches and make you feel fuller.

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Starches digest slowly, satisfying your hunger and curbing your appetite.

Fibers can also be found in starches, which help contribute to your satiety.

3 formas de disminuir el apetito

Hydrate with water. Water takes up space. Since the body is mostly made up of water, it wants water on a daily basis. Whether it is an appetite suppressant or not, water is a fundamental substance for the body and does not contain any calories.

Most studies no longer support six glasses of water a day. Instead, take your weight and divide it in half. For example, if you weigh 200 pounds (90.72 kilograms), you should drink 100 ounces of water or 12.5 glasses of water per day.

Add a drop or two of lemon or lime to the water for flavor.

Water is a much better alternative to soda or alcoholic beverages, as both will dehydrate you.

If you ever get hungry between meals and you’ve already had a healthy snack, have a glass of water to fill you up and stave off hunger.

control hunger

3 formas de disminuir el apetito

Eat breakfast every day. There’s a reason breakfast is called the most important meal of the day: the body has fasted overnight, and hunger decreases throughout the day. Reports indicate that skipping breakfast leads to more snacking in the afternoon.

Night eating syndrome (NAS), a disorder related to eating at night and waking up at night to eat, has been clinically recognized as an eating disorder. Eating breakfast every day decreases the chances of experiencing this disorder.

Some studies have shown that skipping breakfast causes you to gain more weight, causes hypertension, insulin resistance, and increases lipid levels.

Skipping a meal has the same impact as skipping breakfast. Although it is believed that giving up eating some food helps to lose weight, it is totally the opposite. It will make you eat more snacks and gain more weight.

3 formas de disminuir el apetito

Eat healthy foods like snacks. There’s nothing wrong with snacking in the afternoon, just make sure it’s a fruit, vegetable, or lean protein like chicken breast or fish. These healthy snacks will curb your hunger until dinner and have added value: vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that are good for your body.

Do not consume sugary products or drinks because they will not satisfy your appetite and you will most likely continue to snack throughout the day.

If you want to consume fat, eat good fats that will decrease your consumption of sugars and do not overeat in the late afternoon.

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3 formas de disminuir el apetito

Eat mindfully. Mindful eating techniques are used to prevent overeating. It works to make you focus on each step of eating a piece of food, which makes you aware of portions and makes you eat more slowly.

The purpose of mindful eating is so that you don’t engage in other activities like watching TV or playing computer games while you eat. These distractions make you unable to realize how much you eat.

An example would be eating a raisin or other dried fruit that you can touch, feel its texture, see its color, smell and taste. Follow the same procedure when you eat it. By eating the raisin, you will have experienced various sensations consciously, paying attention to the importance of this exercise.

Eat each meal for at least twenty minutes to chew and swallow it, so you can fully digest it.

3 formas de disminuir el apetito

Combine nutrition with your psychology. The number of meals you eat each day will depend on your fitness goals, lifestyle, and what you can control. There are benefits to eating as few meals a day and up to eight meals a day. The key is to find a nutrition system that optimizes your health.

Eating more frequently, like six or eight meals a day, won’t greatly speed up your metabolism or cause you to lose more weight. For example, if you eat three meals a day with 1,000 calories each and six meals with 500 calories each, they both add up to 3,000 calories. In short, energy levels remain the same, and therefore eating multiple meals a day doesn’t give you the added benefit of controlling your appetite.

Eat more often when you want to build muscle and strengthen your body or if you have diabetes. Eat less often when you are focused on losing weight or if you have a busy lifestyle.

The best method is to eat when you are hungry and stop when you feel full.

Physically control hunger

3 formas de disminuir el apetito

Exercise often. The impact of exercise is misleading. Do moderate to high intensity exercises and your body will suppress your appetite because it will use your stored fat for energy, while low intensity exercises like walking, swimming, jogging will increase your appetite.

Some studies have found that the hormonal response to a decreases greatly with moderate to high intensity exercise.

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Exercise also reduces motivation in the brain responsible for anticipating food. This effect decreases appetite, keeps you healthy and reduces stress.

3 formas de disminuir el apetito

Sleep a little. There are many studies on sleep, sleep deprivation and its impact on the body. In general, a lack of sleep has a negative impact on the body and increases appetite hormones that make you want to snack throughout the day.

Studies have shown that bodies that don’t get enough sleep are the bodies that crave the most carbohydrates during the day. Scientists believe this is due to the body’s natural cravings for carbohydrates to increase energy levels.

Sleep is closely related to eating. A lack of sleep for prolonged periods of time increases food consumption to a great extent.

Leptin, a hormone released by fat cells that contain appetite, is highly dependent on sleep duration. Therefore, a lack of sleep radically impacts the influence of appetite.

3 formas de disminuir el apetito

Practice yoga. Yoga can decrease your appetite. The intimacy of practicing yoga makes you more aware of your body and therefore more sensitive to the feeling of satisfaction and less likely to eat junk food.

Practicing yoga for at least one hour per week has been shown to reduce appetite. Because yoga reduces stress, it suppresses a hormone called cortisol, which is linked to binge eating.

Mindful eating, the progressive process of eating, is also part of yoga. This process helps you stop eating when you feel full.

3 formas de disminuir el apetito

Control emotional hunger. Eating because you’re bored is a learned habit, but many people find it difficult to distinguish between real hunger and emotional hunger.

Real physical hunger comes on slowly and can be easily satisfied with most foods. You will stop eating naturally when you feel full and you will not feel guilty. On the contrary, eating out of boredom makes you want to eat something specific quickly and causes you to overeat. You may feel guilty after you finish eating.

Write down the foods you eat throughout the day in a diary. Keep track of your feelings before and after you eat. If you find yourself frequently eating unhealthy foods between meals or late at night and feel guilty, consider doing a different activity during those periods of time, such as walking, reading a book, or playing with your pet.

If you find that you really want to eat, then focus on eating healthy snacks, such as fruits, vegetables or nuts.

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