3 Ways To Determine The Best Time To Exercise

Any time you can commit to exercise is a good time to keep your body active. The best time to exercise is different for each person. Consider your lifestyle and exercise goals to help you find a time that’s right for you.

Consider lifestyle factors

3 formas de determinar la mejor hora para ejercitarse

Determine when you have the most energy. Do you have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning or do you wake up energized and ready to start the day? Are you a night owl and never go to bed before midnight? Once you establish what your sleep trends are, you’ll have a better idea of ​​when the body is most inclined to exercise.

If you’re not a morning person, don’t schedule an early morning workout. Most likely, you will press the button that repeats the alarm clock instead of exercising.

Sacrificing sleep for exercise can lead to poorer performance and make it difficult to develop a consistent routine.

3 formas de determinar la mejor hora para ejercitarse

Consider your daily schedule. When are you busiest? When do you tend to schedule the most important tasks? Try to incorporate exercise before or at least between these events if possible. Some people prefer to get this activity out of the way early on, while others prefer to postpone it until the end of the day when they’ve caught up.

If you tend to be very active after work, you may want to exercise in the morning.

If your mornings are hectic and you’re having trouble getting out the door on time, an evening workout may be best.

If you have time during your lunch hour and don’t want to sacrifice time in the evening or in the morning, an evening workout may be good.

3 formas de determinar la mejor hora para ejercitarse

Determine the objectives of the exercise. Are you trying to lose weight? Are you trying to improve your performance? Trying to develop a consistent exercise routine?

If you’re trying to develop a routine, you may want to work out in the morning. People who exercise in the morning are more consistent. You probably don’t feel like exercising after a long day at work, running errands, or going out of town.

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If you’re trying to improve your performance, it may be appropriate to exercise in the afternoon or evening. At night, you’ll likely experience less fatigue, faster reaction times, and increased strength and flexibility.

If you’re trying to lose weight, you may want to exercise in the morning before you’ve eaten. When you exercise on an empty stomach, your body is more likely to use fat instead of carbohydrates for energy.

3 formas de determinar la mejor hora para ejercitarse

Take into account the place where you will perform the exercise routine. Home offers the most flexible time options when you own workout equipment, but if you have a gym nearby or on your way home from work, it’s best to carve out a time to work out.

If you have a gym at work or school, afternoon or evening workouts may be more convenient for you.

Exercise DVDs and videos are other convenient options for the home.

3 formas de determinar la mejor hora para ejercitarse

Experiment with morning and evening workouts. Start exercising at different times of the day to see how you feel and find the time that works best with your schedule. Keep a log to help you evaluate each hour. Ask yourself some questions like:

How have I felt?

Have I had trouble falling asleep?

Do I feel tired throughout the day?

Do I perform better in the morning or at night?

Do I feel more energetic? Do I feel lazy?

exercise in the morning

3 formas de determinar la mejor hora para ejercitarse

Weigh the pros and cons. Morning workouts are associated with lower blood pressure, better sleep quality, higher energy levels throughout the day, and greater mental acuity; however, you’ll need to wake up earlier than usual and may have low energy if you don’t eat before training.

If you plan to work out at the gym, there will be fewer people when you go in the morning.

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Also, people who exercise in the morning tend to follow up with a healthy breakfast and plenty of water. This can set you up to start your day off in a great way.

3 formas de determinar la mejor hora para ejercitarse

Sleep in your workout clothes. Exercise clothing is generally comfortable. Sleeping with it can motivate you to exercise as soon as you wake up. If you don’t want to sleep in your clothes, set your outfit aside so you can get out of bed and get dressed.

If you work out at the gym and plan to get dressed there, pack a gym bag the night before so you can just grab it and head out the door.

3 formas de determinar la mejor hora para ejercitarse

Adjust your sleep schedule. Try to get up 30 to 60 minutes earlier than usual to make room for training. You may need to go to bed a little earlier to adjust to the new time you’ll need to wake up. If you work out at the gym, also consider the time it takes to get there.

Reserve an extra five to ten minutes for warming up. Body temperature is lower in the morning. If you don’t warm up, you’re more likely to get injured.

If you don’t usually eat in the morning, add some time for breakfast, as the body needs food to recover from exercise.

exercise at night

3 formas de determinar la mejor hora para ejercitarse

Understand the pros and cons. If your goal is to increase strength and muscle mass, a night workout may be best. You will have eaten during the day, so your body will have plenty of fuel and your muscles will be warm. On the other hand, it can be easy to downplay night workouts. If you have a lot of late-night commitments or tend to feel fatigued at the end of the day, it will be hard to find the time or energy to work out.

You’re less likely to injure yourself during an evening workout because your muscles and joints will have been working all day.

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If you plan to work out at the gym or away from home, you’ll need to know what time the gym closes and how much daylight you’ll have at night.

3 formas de determinar la mejor hora para ejercitarse

Pay attention to the quality of sleep. Exercising at night helps some people fall asleep, while giving others a boost of energy. Nightly strength training in particular can help you fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the night. On the other hand, high-intensity workouts can make you more alert and have trouble falling asleep.

If you notice that you have trouble sleeping at night, yoga or stretching exercises can help you relax.

You can reserve evening workouts for low intensity exercises (eg walking, yoga, stretching) and do higher intensity workouts (eg running, cycling, interval training) in the morning.

3 formas de determinar la mejor hora para ejercitarse

Adjust the time you eat. It takes two to three hours for the body to digest a meal and absorb the nutrients. Have a snack before training and dinner when you’re done. If you want to eat dinner earlier, eat earlier than you usually do.

Foods like white rice, pasta, bread and potatoes promote sleep. Eat them at least an hour before going to bed. If you plan to go to bed at 11:00 pm, you will need to eat before 10:00 pm

Eating turkey or pumpkin seeds can also help you sleep.

3 formas de determinar la mejor hora para ejercitarse

Don’t sacrifice sleep. Try to finish training about two hours before you go to bed. This will give the body time to relax. For example, if you plan to go to bed at 11:00 pm, finish training at 9:00 pm

Melatonin levels (the hormone that makes you sleepy) peak around 10:00 pm. If the body is tired and you exercise so late, your performance and the way you train can be affected.

Sleep is just as important as exercise and helps your body recover after you exercise.

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