4 Ways To Swallow A Pill

While it may seem like a pretty straightforward task, swallowing a pill is something many adults and children can’t do easily. Fear of choking causes the throat to tighten, so the pill stays in the mouth until you spit it out. Fortunately, there are many ways to deal with the problem so that you can relax, overcome the fear of being choked, and make the pill go down easily.

Take the Pill with Food

4 Modi per Ingoiare una Pillola

Eat some bread. If you try to take a pill but can’t swallow it, try using a mouthful of bread. Peel off a small piece of it and chew it until you are ready to swallow it. Before swallowing, take the pill and make sure it sticks to the mass in your mouth. Once your mouth is closed, swallow it all with the tablet inside. It should go down easily.

You can also use a piece of donut, cracker, or cookie. The consistency is similar enough to take the pill down once you’ve chewed the bite.

You can also drink a glass of water later to make it go down easier.

Some medications are taken on an empty stomach. Read the package leaflet to see if you need to take the pill away from meals.

4 Modi per Ingoiare una Pillola

Cut a gummy candy. To swallow the pill, you could stick it inside a gummy candy. Take it and cut a small pocket in the center, then slip the tablet into it. Eat it, without chewing it. Just swallow, then once it’s in your throat, take a quick sip of water.

It can be difficult if you can’t swallow the gummy candy. With a little practice you will learn!

This method is especially useful with children. By disguising the pill inside a gummy candy you will facilitate the taking of the drug.

4 Modi per Ingoiare una Pillola

Put the pill in honey or peanut butter. It is possible to take the pills using honey or peanut butter to facilitate the passage of the lozenge into the throat. Fill a tablespoon with honey or peanut butter. Place the pill in the center, trying to sink it, then swallow it all with the drug inside. Get some water down.

It is advisable to take a sip of water before and after the operation. Honey and peanut butter are quite thick and can feel like the bite is going down slowly. By moisturizing your throat before and after, you will speed up the passage of food without choking.

4 Modi per Ingoiare una Pillola

Try soft foods. If you can’t take the pill with bread, try using a soft food, such as apple puree, yogurt, ice cream, pudding, or jelly. Fill a saucer, adding the pill. Eat some before taking it in your mouth, then take a bite of the lozenge. It should go down easily with the food as you swallow it.

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Make sure you don’t chew the pill.

4 Modi per Ingoiare una Pillola

Practice with small candy. One of the main reasons people find it difficult to swallow pills is that the throat stiffens by refusing entry. To overcome this inconvenience, you can occasionally do a little practice by ingesting small candies, so that your throat becomes familiar with swallowing anything, without the danger of choking or hurting you. Get a small candy, like a mini M&M or mint. Place it in your mouth as if it were a pill and swallow it with a sip of water. Repeat the operation until you are comfortable eating sugared almonds of this size.

Then move on to a slightly larger candy, like a regular M&M or Tic-Tac. Repeat the same operation until you feel comfortable.

Practice each day for about 10 minutes until you are able to swallow a candy that is the same size and shape as the pill you need to take.

This method can help children prepare for medication. Just explain that taking medication is serious and that pills should not be considered candy.

4 Modi per Ingoiare una Pillola

Eat tangerines. Try eating whole mandarin wedges. Once you get used to it, pop the pill into a clove and swallow it all. The slippery texture of the tangerine will facilitate the passage of the tablet, making it easier to digest.

Drink some water afterwards to make sure it goes down easier.

Take the Pill By Ingesting Liquids

4 Modi per Ingoiare una Pillola

Take a sip of fresh water. If you are on medication, you need to make sure your throat is as hydrated as possible to make it easier for the pill to pass. Therefore, take a few sips of water before ingesting it. Place it on the back of your tongue, then drink until you swallow it.

Drink some more water after swallowing the tablet to help her get off.

The water should be fresh or at room temperature, but not cold or hot.

4 Modi per Ingoiare una Pillola

Try the two-sip method. Take the pill and place it on your tongue. Take a large sip of water and swallow, without swallowing the tablet. Then, take another sip of water and swallow it all together with the pill. Drink some more water to help the transition.

This method widens the throat on the first sip, allowing the lozenge to sink more easily into the throat, which will not open on the second sip.

4 Modi per Ingoiare una Pillola

Use a straw. For some people, using a straw to drink water or a beverage will help bring the pill down better. Put it on the back of your tongue. Drink something using a straw and swallow the drink and the tablet at the same time. Keep drinking after you swallow it to help it go down.

The suction used to draw liquid through the straw makes it easier to swallow the pill.

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4 Modi per Ingoiare una Pillola

Drink plenty of water first. Some people find that drinking a large amount of water helps ease the passage of the pill. Then, take a sip of water, part your lips slightly in order to put the tablet in your mouth, then swallow the water and the pill together.

If the lozenge seems to stick in your throat, try drinking more water after swallowing it.

Fill about 80% of your mouth with water. If your mouth is too full, you won’t be able to swallow all the water at once and the method will be less effective.

Maybe you will feel the water or the lozenge in your throat. Usually, such a sensation does not trigger the gag reflex and is perfectly harmless.

You can use this method with drinks other than water.

4 Modi per Ingoiare una Pillola

Help your child swallow the pill. Sometimes a 3-year-old child has to take a tablet. At this age, they may have difficulty understanding how to swallow or fear choking; if this happens, explain the process. An easy way to help him swallow a pill is to have him take a sip of water, telling him to keep it in his mouth, while he looks up at the ceiling. Slip the lozenge into the corner of your mouth and wait for it to settle into the back of your throat. After a few moments, tell him to swallow. The pill should go down the throat with the water.

You can try any of the methods described above with your child, which involves the use of food or drink, unless otherwise stated.

Try Alternative Techniques

4 Modi per Ingoiare una Pillola

Try sucking from a bottle. Fill a plastic bottle with water. Put the pill on your tongue, then tighten your lips around the opening of the bottle. Tilt your head back and take a sip of water. Keep your lips on the neck of the bottle and suck to introduce the water into your mouth. The water and the pill should go down your throat.

Do not let air into the bottle when you drink the water.

This method works best when you need to take larger tablets.

The sucking action widens the throat and helps swallow the pill properly.

This method is not intended for children. Only adults should use it.

4 Modi per Ingoiare una Pillola

Try leaning forward. To use this method, place the pill on your tongue. Take a sip of water, without ingesting anything. Tilt your head down with your chin facing your chest. Let the capsule float in the back of your mouth, then swallow it.

This method works best with capsule-shaped pills.

You can try using this technique with your child as well. After he drank some water, just look down at the floor as you slide the capsule into the side of your mouth. When the pill floats, it can swallow water.

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4 Modi per Ingoiare una Pillola

Take it easy. For some people, taking the pills can cause tremendous anxiety. If you are concerned, your body will be tighter and it will be more difficult for you to swallow the lozenge. To avoid this inconvenience, you need to relax. Sit down with a glass of water and do everything you can to relieve anxiety. Find a quiet place, listen to some music to unwind or meditate.

This way you can calm your nerves and stop linking taking the pill to the stress it causes you, so you are less likely to go wrong.

If you are having trouble, you can speak to a psychologist to help you overcome the anxiety associated with taking the pill.

If you are trying to help a child swallow a pill, help him calm down by distracting him from what to do before telling him to take the pill. Read a story, play a game, or find some other expedient to help him relax before the decisive moment. The calmer he is, the more likely he is to take the pill.

4 Modi per Ingoiare una Pillola

Relieve your fears. You may be concerned that the pill will not be able to pass through the throat, especially if it is large. To overcome this fear, go to a mirror, open your mouth and say “Ahhhhh “. This way you will see how wide the throat is and you will understand that a pill can clearly go down without any problem.

You can also use a mirror to place the lozenge on your tongue. The further back you put it, the shorter the path it will have to take when you ingest it.

You can also do this with a child who is terrified of choking. Do this together to show him that you understand his fears of him, but convince him that he has nothing to fear.

4 Modi per Ingoiare una Pillola

Find an alternative to pills. There are many drugs on the market sold in different versions. You have the option to buy what you need in the form of syrup, bandage, cream, for inhalation use, suppositories or water-dispersible tablets, or tablets that dissolve in water. Talk to your doctor about your options, especially if you have trouble swallowing pills, no matter what methods you try.

Don’t use the same pill to try various methods, unless your doctor tells you it’s possible. Do not crush the tablets, trying to dissolve them in water, and do not try to use them as a suppository, when they are not intended for this use. Always consult your doctor before changing the way you take a drug.

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