How To Stop Being Vegan

Are you reconsidering veganism? Maintaining a vegan diet can be difficult. Restaurants and supermarkets are overflowing with food containing animal products. However, going vegan can be just as difficult. You may experience feelings of disappointment and need time to readjust to being an omnivore. If you’re wondering if veganism is the right choice for you, look inside yourself to find out if you’re ready for the change.

Reintroduce animal-based foods

Cómo dejar de ser vegano

Start small. If you haven’t eaten animal products for your entire life (and even many years), suddenly consuming meat and dairy products can make you sick. Every time you make a radical change in your intestinal flora, your body will need time to adapt. You may experience swelling and discomfort for a few days after ending the vegan diet.

If veganism has been an important part of your life, giving it up can be difficult. Take the change in stride by slowly adjusting to a standard diet.

Incorporate one food at a time per week as you return to animal-based foods. This way, if you experience intolerances or problems that persist, you will be able to identify the added food that is causing the symptoms.

Cómo dejar de ser vegano

Eat some honey. Honey is gentle on the digestive system and can easily be incorporated into oatmeal, tea, or baked goods. Bringing honey back into your diet will officially take you off the vegan path, but you’re unlikely to notice any difference to your health or condition, since it has few (if any) negative health effects.

Cómo dejar de ser vegano

Try vegetarian foods that have animal milk or eggs. Scrambled eggs on toast are a delicious snack for night or day. Cereal or oatmeal can be easily made when you’re out or heading out the door in the morning. Cupcakes, cakes, and pies often contain milk and eggs in proportions that are gentle on the digestive tract. Prepare some of your favorite baked goods with cow’s milk.

Cómo dejar de ser vegano

Slowly reintroduce meat into your diet. Anecdotal evidence suggests that trying a small portion of meat in a salad or a few slices of ham in a sandwich are the best ways to reintroduce meat. If you want, after a week or so, you can transition to larger portions of meat, like chicken breast and hamburger patties.

Don’t pressure yourself if you feel bad. The body’s digestive capacity varies with the type and amount of food consumed.

Cómo dejar de ser vegano

Accept your new diet and lifestyle. Abandoning a diet that you have considered the right path can be difficult. You may experience guilt or shame because of the perception you have “prescribed” or feel like you are failing yourself. While it’s understandable to be sad about letting go of part of your identity, consider it a new beginning. Remember that the right choices for your health now are not necessarily the same ones you made when you decided to go vegan. Find the right balance for your health and lifestyle.

Don’t feel lonely going back to eating meat. A recent study has shown that 84% of vegetarians, including vegans, end up eating meat at some point.

Cómo dejar de ser vegano

Check with your doctor if you are concerned about your overall health. Doctors can take blood samples, measure cholesterol, and do other tests that provide more information than you could access on your own. If your results have worsened or improved, your doctor will let you know, and you’ll be more informed about the right diet for you.

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Consider alternative diets

Cómo dejar de ser vegano

Consider alternatives to stop being vegan. Before you make the decision to go vegan, make sure you’re really ready. Maybe eating some dairy or egg products at friends’ houses or restaurants is a good option for you. Maybe eating just baked goods once a day is a compromise you can live with. If the only problem is with desserts, have some vegan chocolate bars with you so you always have a vegan option when you want to eat something sweet.

“Flexitarian” diets allow you to maintain a primarily vegan or vegetarian lifestyle with a few “allowed” meals or snacks to keep you cheerful.

Cómo dejar de ser vegano

Consider being a vegetarian. If you’ve been vegan for a long time, you may find it difficult to eat meat in addition to milk, eggs, and other animal-based products. Vegetarians, unlike vegans, incorporate these foods into their diets. Perhaps, like many vegans, you have started out on a vegetarian diet. With this diet, you will not eat meat and avoid the health risks associated with meat consumption. Go back to a vegetarian diet to see if it’s the right choice for you.

Vegetarians are more successful at meeting their daily protein requirements, as they have more protein-rich options.

Cómo dejar de ser vegano

Consider eating meat from free-range animals. This type of meat is produced outside of the traditional factory farm system and allows the animals freedom of movement, social interaction with others of their kind and, on occasion, being able to enjoy the outdoors. If you initially decided to go vegan because of your outrage at the factory farm system, you can try free-range meat and dairy.

Urban farms are good places to find free-range eggs, meat, and milk. Check local farmers markets or contact local farms directly.

Certified Humane maintains an official list of humanely produced meat at:

Cómo dejar de ser vegano

Consider eating wild animals. If you kill and eat the animals you have hunted on your own, at least you will know that they lived a free life in the wild before they died. These animals could easily fall victim to bears and other wildlife. Hunting and eating them is not so cruel. Instead, it fulfills the natural circle of life. Like free-range meat, eating wild-caught animals can alleviate some of the ethical pressure associated with giving in to veganism.

Cómo dejar de ser vegano

Consider following a pescetarian diet. Pescetarianism, in its classic form, is a dietary regimen that involves not eating eggs, dairy, or animal products of any kind except fish. The varieties of pescetarian diets allow combinations of fish and eggs, or fish and dairy products. This is a variety of veganism and vegetarianism, and shares many of their health benefits.

Analyze your personal reasons to stop being vegan

Cómo dejar de ser vegano

Read reports on what it’s like to quit veganism. If he decides that veganism is not for you, you are not alone. There are many people just like you who, for whatever reason, decide that veganism is not for them. Use your favorite search engine and search for the phrase “quit veganism” or “I stopped being vegan”. Reading reports and testimonials, and thinking about the experiences of others who have felt that veganism was too much for them, can help you make a positive decision for yourself. If you empathize with their perspective, you may be ready to stop being vegan.

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Cómo dejar de ser vegano

Acknowledge if your perspective has changed. Ask yourself why you started a vegan diet in the first place and if you still hold the same beliefs. Have your beliefs regarding factory farming or the consumption of meat and animal products changed? If so, perhaps veganism is no longer aligned with your values ​​and you want to return to a standard omnivorous diet.

Perhaps you have adopted a vegan diet because you are against factory farming. You may decide that you will only consume products derived from animals raised in the wild or slaughtered humanely. In this case, perhaps you can link your beliefs regarding the humane treatment of animals with the consumption of meat.

Cómo dejar de ser vegano

Recognize if you don’t eat the food you want. Dissatisfaction can take different forms. You may salivate at the sight or smell of bacon. Maybe you have a desire to eat meat or vegetarian foods. You might even feel bad when you’re out with friends and the only vegan option on the menu is fries and a salad.

If you were raised vegan and have never tried meat, dairy, fish, or eggs, you might be wondering what you’re missing. Expand your diet with some non-vegan foods to see if an omnivorous diet is the right choice for you.

The fact that you are not satisfied with the food you eat does not necessarily mean that you should abandon veganism. Maybe you still haven’t found the kind of vegan food you like.

The next time you’re out with friends, suggest going to a vegan restaurant. Don’t feel embarrassed or uncomfortable about making your friends fit in with you. Remember that they are your friends and they will be happy to do so. In addition, they will have the opportunity to expand their diet and try something new.

If you feel that veganism isn’t the right choice for you because you don’t have acceptable alternatives, look further. Vegan versions of just about every food imaginable are available somewhere. Start shopping at supermarkets other than the one you usually go to. Small grocery stores and health food stores are worth checking out.

Cómo dejar de ser vegano

Consider your culture. Perhaps you come from a culture or society that values ​​killing and eating animals. These animals may be found and killed for you directly through hunting, or purchased from your local butcher through factory farms. If you feel like you can’t fully share certain family rituals (an annual outdoor barbecue, for example), you might consider ditching veganism.

Before you go vegan, think about ways you can adapt and participate in the rituals with your friends or family. For example, instead of hunting and killing the animals in the forest, you can suggest going to the forest to enjoy the solitude of nature and the grace of the animals that stay together. In this way, you can share quality time and conversations with your father, mother, siblings or whoever, while still being vegan.

Don’t let others pressure you to stop vegan (or start vegan) if you’re not ready or don’t want to. Doing something you don’t really want to please others is the perfect recipe for frustration and unhappiness.

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Cómo dejar de ser vegano

Consider your work life. Is there a professional reason why you are forced or strongly encouraged to eat animal products? For example, food journalists sample varieties of dishes to provide reviews of restaurants or food products, including foods they wouldn’t eat. Assigned dishes are rarely vegan. Workers in the food industry (cooks, pastry chefs, and waiters) sometimes need to sample non-vegan foods to better prepare or describe them.

Consider putting a vegan spin on your profession. If you’re a food journalist, you might be able to specialize in vegan cuisine and restaurants. If you work in the food industry, you can look for a position in a vegan restaurant.

Discuss the health reasons for quitting veganism

Cómo dejar de ser vegano

See if you experience swelling. By adopting a vegan diet, you’ve probably started eating a lot more beans and legumes, which are good sources of protein. These foods are made up of sugars, carbohydrates and fiber. Sensitivity to these foods or their ingredients can cause inflammation. If you feel bloated for a few weeks at a time, consider going vegan.

At first, you may feel bloated eating these foods, but you may be able to gradually adjust as you progress on the vegan diet. Don’t give in easily if you experience swelling.

Another alternative to not stop being vegan is to reduce the amount of legumes and beans in your diet. There are many other ways to get the right amount of protein without eating as many beans and legumes.

Cómo dejar de ser vegano

Recognize if you constantly feel weak. The iron in the blood provides a good amount of energy to the body. Vegan diets can be deficient in iron content and often do not provide enough protein.

You can easily remedy iron deficiencies by taking a multivitamin or iron supplement. To improve iron absorption, incorporate iron-rich foods with foods that contain vitamin C.

Cómo dejar de ser vegano

Identify if you develop an unhealthy relationship with food. Have you made the transition to a vegan diet because you are looking for an easy way to restrict your calorie intake and lose weight? While this isn’t unhealthy per se, if it goes too far, it could indicate anorexia. This is a disease in which the person avoids eating in order to achieve a slim body. These are the signs that could indicate that you have an obsession with food intake:

feeling guilty about everything you eat

think too much every time you eat

always try to find the “perfect” nutrient profile or calorie count

Cómo dejar de ser vegano

Notice if you gain weight. Although vegans have much lower rates of obesity than omnivores, a vegan diet is not a guarantee of reaching a healthy weight. Perhaps you have replaced your standard diet with one based on candy, chips and soda. In this case, you might gain weight and consider going vegan.

On the other hand, you can also eat more vegetables, fruits and beans. Vegan versions of foods you’ve eaten as an omnivore (burgers, deli meats, cheeses) are easy to find at most local stores.

A balanced diet is always important, regardless of whether you are vegan or not.

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